Site Plans

The following is the proposed site plan that we are working on finalizing with more detailed engineering. We have been coordinating public outreach with the neighborhood for more than two years, including a series of facilitated working group meetings with residents near the well site to obtain input and identify a workable solution. This concerted outreach has resulted in us making some fundamental operational concessions to the project. The site plan has been reduced from approximately 2,300 square-feet to a single building of approximately 500-600 square-feet with a height of around 14 feet. The original site plan included an on-site emergency generator, liquid disinfection system and a fluoride room, all of which have been removed from the design. The revised building and design will utilize a tablet calcium hypochlorite disinfection system, it is being designed with noise mitigation that will be less than the 50 decibels the County requires, and we are working with the City's urban forester to limit the number of trees impacted. We appreciate the time residents have spent working with us to develop a solution that will work. 


Salt Lake City
Department of Public Utilities

1530 West Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115



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