What Is the Project?

The project consists of construction of a building that will house Salt Lake City’s existing 4th Avenue Well, a groundwater well pump and associated infrastructure. Salt Lake City’s 4th Avenue Well is a critical water supply for Salt Lake City. The 4th Avenue Well and its associated pump currently exist in an underground vault at this location. The infrastructure is proposed to be brought to the surface in order to meet current safety and environmental requirements.


Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities operates the existing 4th Avenue Well typically in the summer months to meet higher demands for culinary water and to maintain the necessary pressures within the distribution system for fire flow. The well has been in active service since 1948 (Research during a recent well inspection determined the 4th Avenue Well began production in 1948).


The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page of this website includes additional detail regarding the project. 


Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities

1530 West Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115