About the Project

The City water well, located at 4th Avenue and Canyon Road, has been in continuous service since 1948 and is one of the oldest in the City. The well must be upgraded to meet current safety and environmental requirements and to ensure it continues to provide safe and reliable drinking water.

The 4th Avenue Well supplies 3 to 7 million gallons of water daily in the summer months, including 100 percent of water for the downtown area during periods of peak demand. It is a critical piece of the City’s water system, serving tens of thousands of residents, office workers and visitors in the downtown area and parts of adjacent neighborhoods. The well also provides water for firefighting downtown, in City Creek Canyon and nearby mountain foothills. 

Project Need

  • Well is at severe risk of failure

  • Electrical system is outdated

  • High failure risk below grade in the vault – risks to electrical system and well water source

  • Unsafe working conditions

  • Does not comply with drinking water regulations and electrical code 

The Project includes constructing a new well head and electrical system above ground at the existing well location; a small, secure building will be built to contain the equipment. The project also includes a new disinfection system and backup power supply. We are committed to ensuring the project meets all regulatory requirements, is designed for efficient operations and maintenance, and is compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood. The project must be approved by the City’s Planning and Historic Landmark Commissions. 


Salt Lake City
Department of Public Utilities

1530 West Temple

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115



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